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Narrator: It's the year 3001.5. The wretched Chrome Dome Empire is controlling humans by means of its harrowing Hair Hunt and its fiendish leaders: the Big Four. One man stands tall, courageously protecting his hairpiece and the peace of hair for the entire world. That man is... Okay, Bo-BoBo wrote this opening, didn't he? Captain Battleship, one of the Chrome Dome Empire's big four, has turned Beauty into a doll and stuffed her with beans. Better her than Gasser. He keeps her captive in the massive yet poorly-decorated Pomade Ring, as he anxiously awaits Bo-BoBo. Don Patch, Gasser, Softon, and Jelly Jiggler pounce like putrid pigeons onto the Pomade Ring. Suzuki, recently laid-off as head of security, flew like a falcon fogey with encouragement from Bo-BoBo and the others. He has also filed an age-discrimination suit against his former employer. Bo-BoBo had his hands full with Suzu, a femme fatale, sent by Captain Battleship. The fight was both grueling and grilling as they grappled with a grouper. When the table was cleared and dessert was finally served, sweet little Suzu was too stuffed to continue. Captain Battleship sent his henchmen to do his dirty work. The award-winning "Battleship Five Quartet." Ah, who's counting anyway? Gasser chose to be number one. He stepped forward and disappeared in a cloud of glory, or possibly refried beans, as he went to rescue Beauty.

Main EpisodeEdit

Heppokomaru: (chuckles) Ok, Which one of you in gona be my opponent?