The Sprouting Hair Festval
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Chapter One: Sprouting Hair Festival

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The chapter starts out with Hair hunters pulling hair of of people of inafu village. A Hair hunter informs vice G-Block leader Pikari that they got what they came for. Then Pickles shouts meanie from behind a rock. Realizing he'd been found he begs not to be hurt. A Villager mumbles "How Come Bo-Bobo didn't show up at a time like this" after being kicked. A Hair hunter asks who Bo-Bobo is. Then a hipster leans over to Pikari saying he is the destined emeny of the Hair Hunters, Pikari comments by asking who he is.

The Hipster countinues saying that Bo-bobo mastered the terrifying Nose Hair Fist. Also because of his techniques almost all hair hunter bases have been destroyed. Pikari asks who the hipster is again. The hair hunter from before says "wow someone like him exists. I should would like to meet him". Then in the distance the Motorcylce Vegetable Alliance has Bo-Bobo tied to a wooden cross on the suspected leader's motorcycle.

The motoryclists stop and sent Bo-Bobo to the ground. The leader says that he doesn't want to see Bo-Bobo with his attitude at "Green Pepper". Bo-Bobo says weakly "why so much violence" the Hair Hunters attack Bo-bobo shouting "Kill Him Now!". Bo-Bobo quickley regains strength and attacks the hair hunters by using "Nose Hair Fist Technique Mercyless Nose Hair Fist".

Bo-Bobo gives his card to beauty even though its a peice paper that just says "Bobobo-Bo Bo-bobo". Beauty asks why Bo-bobo fights the hair hunter and claims she's Bo-bobo's #1 fan just to know". Bobobo agrees but says he can't tell pickles. When Bo-Bobo was just a boy the hair kingdom was invaded so Bo-Bobo and his father had to prepare to leave. When ready Bo-Bobo got into the escape pod but his dad claims he can't push the button being just a giant peice of hair, Bo-Bobo says he'll push it for him a Hair hunter the gets inside when his father asks who's going to be in the pod. Ten they put the hair hunter in the pod saying he was Bo-Bobo and Tuyoshi acts like the Hair Hunter while Bo-bobo acts like Tuyoshi.

Beauty confusingley comments "You call that an escape". Bobobo Then leaves to destroy the G-Block base. He succeds and pickles and bauty follow him. Beauty asks to join his quest bobobo and so does pickles. Bobobo turns his head and Small Father opens his afro and says beauty can come, except for pickles.

Major EventsEdit

  • Bo-Bobo meets Beauty
  • Bo-Bobo destroys G-Block


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