Episode ScriptEdit


Narrator: Warning, be on the lookout for dangerous creatures. (Bo-bobo shows up with his KING Outfit) Kangaroos Infected with Nuclear Germs!
Beauty: What are you saying? It just spells KING!
Narrator: Oops, my bad. BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo has been crowned the new King of Wiggin' Specialists.
Bo-bobo: (as Bo-bobette, popping bubble wrap) I love getting packages in the mail, just so I can pop these things. It's fun with a capital F!
Tokoro Tennosuke: Let's see how you like it! (has Bo-bobo in a wrestling hold)
Bo-bobo: It's only bubble wrap! OW!
Narrator: However, Puckered Lips, a servant of OVER, one of the Chrome Dome's Big Four, mouthed off to Bo-bobo, making him mighty mad. After a mouth-dropping melee, Bo-bobo and the gang were banished to the outside of OVER's Castle. To top it off, Service Man was hanging around.
(Service Man falls off the hanging spot, and hits another roof)
Narrator: Gump, the Fowl-fragranced, fowl-feeder of the castle was also waiting, but he was no match for Bo-bobo and the others. It turned out their real opponents were Ultimate Five Assassins. At that point, one of the Assassins, codename Ruby, took time out from a playdate to battle, but to no avail. The gang got to the second floor, and found a serene setting, called Jungle Stage.
Tokoro Tennosuke: You know, I'm allergic to Poison Ivy.
Don Patch: You're what? Since when does Jelly break out in a rash?
Narrator: But waiting under the waterfall was a super-saturated soccer-loving boy. What danger might befall Bo-bobo next?

Main EpisodeEdit

(The episodes title card appears)
Bo-bobo: Episode 31: The Ultimate Five Assassins vs. Bo-bobo's All Stars, Gas-can goes gaga!
(under the waterfall, Infinite Kicker stands, meditating)
Infinite Kicker: GOOOOAAALL!! Goal, goal-goal-goal. Goal, goal-goal-goal. Goal, goal-goal-goal. Goal, goal-goal-goal. Goal,goal!
Bo-bobo: Whoa, this guy's an assassin? He looks like he's taken too many shots in the head.
Infinite Kicker: (puts the ball down and laughs) Did you think i was in training or something?