Wan Ronga (王・龍牙, Wang Longa) is a character from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He resides in Cyber City.


Wan Ronga

Wan Ronga

Wan Ronga is one of the 6 Electric Brain Warriors of Cyber City. Unlike the rest, he does not guard any arena. Instead, he spends his time looking for rebels of the Maruhage Empire, and then dragging them back to Cyber City. He pays close attention for Fist masters, so that his boss Giga can turn them into abstract statues for his collection.

Wan Ronga is a master of "Rōgoku Shinken" (牢獄真拳 Fist of Jail). This ability allows him to instantly imprison his opponents in cages. He can also attach heavy weights onto his opponents limbs, making it difficult for them to fight back or run away.


He is first seen in Hallelujah Land after Heppokomaru emancipates the slaves. Seeing that he is a shinken user, he drags him back to Cyber City.

Ronga is later seen taking time off during Bo-bobo's battle with the other Electric Brain Warriors after another capture run. Unfortunately, one of those he had captured was Hatenko, who lazily escaped his prison and challenges the jailer to a fight. Hatenko brushes off all of Ronga's attacks and defeats him by "locking" his entire body.

Wan Ronga is seen again in Shinsetsu Bo-bobo during the Cyber City raid. He and J try to fight off Porusutoroi, but the IXEX member handles them with no difficulty, and the two are dragged off to be worked like slaves for their failures in the past.


  • Slave Ring (スレイブ・リング)/Manacle Rings: Creates rings that capture his enemies by their arms and legs.


  • Episode appearances: 43, 45, 47, 51
  • Manga appearances: 107, 116, 124, Shinsetsu 40

Other Status

  • Seiyuu: Masaya Takatsuka
  • Voice Actor: Michael McConnohie


  • Wan Ronga can be considered Hatenko's direct opposite counterpart, due to the fact that he locks people away, while Hatenko can unlock a person.