Episode ScriptEdit


Narrator: It’s not exactly the fall season, but here’s what happened on our last hair-teasing trip. C-Block’s hair-hunt troop tagged Beauty with a tainted tattoo, which could trash her tiny tresses by Tuesday. Bo-bobo, Beauty, and Don Patch went to C-Block to snatch the antidote.
Beauty: The sign says “Pain Lab”?
Bo-bobo: It does? ….Do you think?
Beauty: It’s on Geha’s desk. Which means it goes up all those stairs that go on forever. I could be bald before we get there.
Bo-bobo: Then we need to move fast. How about now?
(Beauty nods in agreement)
Narrator: That’s not Geha the Gale. Perhaps his name is “Mr. Green”. Well at least he looks friendly.
Softon: It’s polite to knock. I get testy when people barge into my home. Get out! Your rudeness really frosts me.
(Don Patch, Beauty, and Bo-bobo gasps)
Narrator: Holy cowabunga! What a mind-hoggin’ noggin. That guy’s wearing an entire ice cream parlor on his head. Frosty! Looks like he went for a single and came back with a double dip.

Main EpisodeEdit

Softon: My name is Softon.


Don Patch: What a track! We finally made it to the top of C-Block, where I immediately sprang into battle mode!
Beauty: Battle mildew!
Bo-bobo: I, your furious leader, charged!
Don Patch: And charged and charged. You racked up one hefty bill.
Beauty: Wait, is that a booger or just a piece of macaroni in your nose?
Narrator: In the next episode of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, there’s a whole circus of sneezing giraffes, galloping through Bo’s nostrils, and stay upwind of the mystery kid. He has a certain air about him, it stinks. It’s a new gas crisis.