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Narrator: Today's star witless witness is telling her side of the story. Talk about a trial by error.
Bo-BoBo: (blurred-out face; high-pitched voice) That horrible man was chasing me everywhere. Running behind my car no matter where I drove. It was only later that I found out that his necktie was caught in my trunk. I still don't forgive him.
Beauty: That's Bo-BoBo back there!
Narrator: So much for the Witness Protection Program. Anyway, in our last episode, Bo-BoBo faced off with a handsome young man named Hatenko. You have to hand it to that kid. He's a real master of the Fist of the Key. In fact, he bobbed and weaved with Bob, the Commander of the Hair Hunt Troops' M-Block. Once Hatenko was finished with him, he was done to a turn. In fact, he smelled a bit like burnt toast. Smokin'!
Hatenko: Sorry about that. You'll experience a little bit of heartburn, but that should pass, soon.
Narrator: Hatenko ended up losing a contact lens, Gasser lost an argument, Bo-BoBo lost his left knee, and everybody else ended up losing a lot of sleep over nothing. At least I think that's what happened in our last episode. I could be mistaken. Things are looking up, so don't let it get you down. That's a joke, son.
Heppokomaru: WHAT WAS THAT?!
Hatenko: You were locked.
Narrator: I do know the sunny day turned dark when none other than Kittypoo from the Chrome Dome Empire turned up. No one could have guessed that Don Patch could smash with a bash and a crash. I didn't know the little gun of a sun had muscles anywhere other than in his head. It was such a shock, Beauty almost lost her lunch.

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