World of Babylon

The World of Babylon

The World of Babylon (World of Blabs-A-Lot in the dub), is a dimension summoned by Babylon master, Softon, and can only be accessed via a restroom. Upon first glance, the world appears quite peaceful, with colorful flowers growing from the ground and white clouds, each with it's own unique shape (for example, one cloud is shaped like a lollipop, while another like an elephant). However, the nonsense that goes on in this dimension could rival even Bo-bobo World's randomness! Bo-bobo pays a visit to this dimension in order to discover what his fatal weakness is.


Old ManEdit

Babylon Old Man

A strange old man found in a washing machine, with "Babylon" (バビロン) written on his shirt. He offered to be the rebels tourguide, but was quickly upstaged by the Guidance Corps.

  • Appearances:
    • Manga Appearances: 44-45

Babylon Guidance CorpsEdit

Babylon Tourguides

(バビロン案内隊, Babiron An'nai): A absurdly large group of men wearing bird masks and capes, they serve as the tourguides to the Babylon realm. However, all of them are nonsensical beings, who aren't that useful as tourguides. Instead, they seem more interested in assisting in hajikelist gags. A good portion of them were hatched from Bo-bobo's afro.

The tourguides are all exactly the same aside from their names (one is named Hiroshi, and another is named Satou).

  • Appearances:
    • Anime Appearances: 20
    • Manga Appearances: 45

Hiroshi's MotherEdit

A woman who tells Hiroshi to take off his mask.

Fruit TachiEdit


(フルーツ達): A bunch of living fruits sitting in a giant yogurt container. They were all against Bo-bobo wanting to add fish to the yogurt.

Pig NobilityEdit

Swine Arisocrats

(ブタ貴族たち, Buta Kizoku Tachi)/Swine Aristocrats: A group of pigs wearing fancy suits while flying an airplane. Don Patch had apparently offended them by dropping his pork. One of these pigs happen to be a member of the Devil’s Flower Castle in Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken.

Bo-bobo's "Weakness"Edit

Bobobo's Weakness

A round, yellow fruit with "Bo-bobo's Weakness" (ボーボボの弱点, Bo-bobo no Jakuten) written on it. This weakness is encountered by Beauty, but she ignores it. In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Hajike Matsuri, Bo-bobo actually encounters the creature and defeats it with a uppercut.

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