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Narrator: For those of you just joining us, the entire Earth is controlled by the Chrome Dome Empire, ruled by Baldy Bald IV, who has put more shampoo companies out of business than male pattern baldness. But our hero BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo and his gang have courageously stood up to the hairless hooligans to protect the freedom of follicles everywhere.
Don Patch: Hurry, Gas-can, you have to rescue Beauty!
Softon: Let's go, there's no time to lose.
Tokoro Tennosuke: Ditto.
Bo-bobo: Time to take off.
Fundoshitarou:Good idea!
Narrator: Gasser took on the first of the Battleship Five Quartet: Loincloth Lloyd. But Gasser couldn't catch his wind. Unfortunately, the rest of us weren't that lucky. Whew! Eventually, Gasser was collared, and the puns stopped momentarily. The second battle was between Bo-BoBo and Calendar.
June 7th: I will avenge my father!
Bo-bobo: Fist of Nose Hair - Turn the Page Technique! (June 7th Dodges) Huh?
June 7th: You must think I was born yesterday on June 6th, but I'm June 7th.
Bo-bobo: Then that makes you a Gemini, which makes you and me incompatible.
June 7th: Whaa?
Bo-bobo: Time to go to Bo-BoBo World! (the battlefield changes into Bo-BoBo World)
Don Patch: (as pachinko balls pour out of his mouth) Duh-HAAAAAA!!

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June 7th: W-What is this place?